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The artistic score that comprises this segment is one link in many; highlighting the messages of Sarasota Florida's children, young people and others in our community. The messages of the heart are timeless and need to be heeded by those in a position of leadership; it is a vision shared by many that longs to stem such violence as occurred on September 11, 2001.

I'm thankful for life and the opportunity to continue growing towards a peace that I know can embrace the planet. I grieve the losses that visit many homes and the immense work of rebuilding the spirit, local and foreign relationships, and the material infrastructures that have been damaged. All life is interconnected— we enter a time of awakening and cocreating a future that works for all!   David Gittens, Publisher of www.dwij.org


I chose to draw peace as a flower. Like a flower, peace is beautiful. But, also like a flower, it is fragile. Peace can be destroyed by parasites like war and anger. I hope that in the 21st century peace will be in full bloom.  



 Tracy King


As the reality of the acts of destruction in NY and Washington, DC sink in, it is natural to find ourselves faced with confusion, fear, and doubt. Feeling these is to be expected under the circumstances; surrendering to these is not acceptable for the spiritual seeker. Not acceptable by whom? Not acceptable by the ideal that we have created for ourselves. So what can we do? We can understand the nature of duality in the energy of unity. Fear and negativity can only exist in duality. Truly, in unity there is no accommodation for confusion. Does that mean that all of us need to be continually free from fear and doubt? Of course not. But how wonderful it is when we strive for the actual experience of unity.  Shahabuddin David Less      Spiritual guide, Sarasota Sufi Community



Peace Means To me, Love!!!!!!!!!





Taylor Mattson


Dear Ones, The belief that the proper response to attack is retaliation has fueled many wars throughout the millenia. It is time to heed the words of Mahatma Ghandi: "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind!"    Lurline Aslanian

"Only Hearts"

Art Project
"down load"

For All Ages

The new millennium is here—Peace is coming it's very near
The twenty-first century is a start—to a world that won't fall apart

Without anger,revenge or rage our world will be a better place
There will be happiness, love and joy flowing from every girl and boy
And then we can all sit down and rest
For peace has been the greatest test.



Jessie Gardner

  This is a time for all of us to come together - to remember what kind of a world we want to live in. To recognize that everything we do and say and think is creating that world. We need to ask ourselves, do we choose a world of hate, fear and retaliation or will we find a way to love, understanding and listening. It is up to each of us. We can indeed change the consciousness of our time. Let us create the consciousness of peace. Together.   With healing prayers, WindEagle





There really is no way to fill this world with love.

There will always be conflicts.



Rachel Baas


Do we intensify the cycle of retaliation and revenge - or do we open ourselves to the heart of the hatred? If, as the Dalai Lama has said, we have moved from a century of war to a century of dialogue, then our choice is clear. On a scale never before imaginable, we must know our enemy - not forgive them; not excuse them; and not appease them - but KNOW them. We must know them in our hearts and respond to them with a wisdom that passeth all understanding.   Mark Gerzon


To the knowledge of man, there has never been peace. But WE (the World) together can change that. A little kindness between each other can make a difference. A little helping hand to neighboring countries, even if we may not agree with their ways, can help. Together we can show kindness and prove to everyone that peace is possible. Together we can bring people together and show that the world can be happy together. If you want a reason why, how about for yourself, and your children and your grandchildren. For each other!



Samuel Steinberger

  I encourage all of you to join me in being aware in these next days and weeks of this meaning making activity, knowing that how we understand this event governs how we will respond. If people recoil into fear, vengeance and scapegoating we are in for very dark times. Our conversations right now make a big difference in whether we as people, as a nation can grieve, search our souls, stay connected to all that is good in us. If not, if we as people and as a nation seek to relieve our pain through blame, then many, many people here who have challenged the status quo will be hurt and the conviction that we must live in a police state will not be far away. Please join me in compassionate conversation with as many people as possible - not instructing others in how to respond but in listening and feeling together and discovering what our responses might be. May we use the power of our words and our inquiry into the soul of "the other" to heal. May we flood our streets with love rather than fear. Blessings Vicki Robin





Everyone knows peace starts at home
not far away in places like Rome
To be able to breath in fresh air everyday
is peace to me, in its own way
I hope that the world will stay like this
for when it is gone it will be missed.



Callyn Hall

Realize that children of all ages are deeply affected by the violence they see and hear. They need the time and attention of caring adults to help them process their feelings. Give them permission to tell their stories, and ask their questions. Reassure them that they are safe. Engage them in some type of community ritual: going to a public memorial session, lighting a candle, writing letters, praying for peace and understanding, participating in your faith community. Most importantly, keep your own center, and attend to your own feelings. If we want to really be present for our children, we also need to take care of our own stress in healthy ways. Writing, art, and exercise are all healthy ways to express some of the feelings we may be having as a result of this tragedy. A recommended practice is called tonglen, to breathe in the suffering of the world, and breathe out compassion. Try it!   Love, Victor LaCerva


Suraya Sadeed


George W. Bush

When we all can get along and respect each other's opinions, we will have peace. When we realize we are not alone on this planet, that everything on Earth is beautiful and deserves respect, there will be peace.

See what others see, listen to and hear; Only then will we have PEACE



Christina Cox



Dear Friends: I pray that you and yours are safe and well. We're all so valuable to each other. Tragedy has a way of throwing our hearts wide opened. I pray that we keep our hearts opened, learn how to recognize each other and live in unity and peace. I'm trying to bathe my sadness, anger and fear in love. Thinking of you. Wishing you Peace & Love.  Alice Greenspan






A still tree in a rainstorm—A silent soul in an angry room
When laughter breaks through the crying—A flower go into bloom
A state of mind we all possess—An act of love and more
If peace can't be achieved in us,—What are we fighting for?



Hayley Ward


Blessings to you. We invite you to do what you can to remain calm and out of useless fear. If you choose to watch the TV, use what you are learning to help others and be effective. If you can help those who are injured physically or otherwise, help. Use your voice, energy and intention to maintain order and help other stay calm. If you can, create a picture of peace and healing, feel it in your body/mind and project it widely This affirmation has been helpful: Today, although I am aware of great suffering and fear destroying much around me, I remain calm; knowing that I am safe and that my safety creates a haven for others.  Jan Christina



Vision of Peace

Dalai Lama


What does peace mean to you?

Peace to me means love, happiness, diversity, teamwork and most of all the future of our country and our world.



Sarah Faber



Dear Ones . . . As this horrible week draws to a close and I think of the thousands of lives that were disrupted and interrupted and devastated today I just want to reach out and hug you to me and tell you I'm thinking of you. You are an important part of my life. Knowing you has enriched my life and helped me be.  Love . . . Molly






Racism is the worst form of hate!


Alex Suczewski



However it is possible in each of our lives, I call for myself and all who understand to hold the consciousness of love for those who live in the shadows of life, those we call evil, and while we move into rightful action, that we do so from a need to create security for our global family and not for revenge or retaliation. Let us hope and pray that wiser and more capable leadership can identify solutions and express the direction this country needs.  My love, Kia Woods







Peace means love, harmony, togetherness, as smile. Peace comes in this millennium when nations put their differences aside and bond in love and care.Peace is when there aren't any weapons to fight with, when people use their hands to care for someone or something instead of fighting.



Bryan Dill



Today, we as a race of Mankind, are faced with many grave thoughts. May we focus our Minds on the most beneficial consciousness that has ever been. Let us be representatives of a Loving Consciousness in a world shaken with fear, shock and dread. Realize that as we move into each moment, we are centers of Consciousness for repairing and rebuilding this same world. Share compassion, share Love and drive the anger away with a healthy and Loving consciousness of the moment. With Your LOVE and mine, Shad O'Namaste


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