There's lots of fun US linking heart 'n thought: sitting on a spot of Earth called hill serenading an ant on its tomfoolery
Children's art/peace gallery
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About US
It's about YOU becoming US

Welcome to a creative link-up that simply articulates the beauty we are and the intention of linking our talent with others in this neighborhood, and beyond, to make a difference in the world. Our volunteer-run Webzine shall introduce you to many folks who will share their interests and passions in a way that is insightful and informative. Woven into many of our segments are links that will connect you with the art and thoughts of young people on the theme of world peace.

On the following pages you'll meet some of US, in increasing numbers, and there will be an opportunity for you to dialog with the contributors to our Internet publication; a global neighborhood where the focus is building bridges that educate with heart and insight.

We welcome your participation!  eMail:

Our volunteer-run publication seeks the donation of a Macintosh desktop computer, a Macintosh lap top computer, and a digital camera with computer dock. Contact me at:

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Art/Peace Gallery
The image shows segments of a stage set designed and assembled by David Gittens in the General Assembly of the United Nations for their 50th anniversary celebration. Fabric designer Mie Sato created the background tapestry. UNICEF, NASA, the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and New York City area businesses were sponsors.