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In this segment of Matrix you will be introduced to many who are doing extraordinary projects in different parts of the world. The KEYWORD: "Problem Solving" refers to the challenges each of  our contributors has addressed and the manner in which their creations have changed the lives they have touched and made an impact on the cultures in which they have worked.     

Feature  1             Laura Smith-Louisell                                        Global Children
Feature  2             Margret Rueffler, Ph. D.                                  Psycho Political Peace Institute            
Feature  3             Seyffert, Jacobson & Killian                            Aquarian Quest Project
                             Lauren Brabzei                                                 Reflection
Feature 4              Therese Schroeder-Sheker                                Chalice of Repose
Feature  5             Mark Libowitz                                                Family Harmony International
Feature  6              Nina Burwell                                                   Yes You Can
                              Jenna Neckritz                                                 Reflection
Feature  7              Nadine Marshall and Brock Tully                   KindActs
Feature  8              Kathleen Horn - Under development                    Healing Children Through Art    
Feature  9               Jim Belfon       - Under development                    Photographic Center of Harlem       
                               Frances Elliott                                                 Reflection