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The Family Harmony Institute's (FHI) mission is to transform devastating family dynamics into a framework of functional families and communities. FHI's program creates that roadmap which restores perspective and replenishes hope that has been lost.

FHI's founder and director, Mark Libowitz, M.A., MSW began the pilot project with mid-income, blue collar families and single mothers and fathers in Ojai, California back in 1988. Since those formative days FHI has been expanded to encompass the needs of wealthy intact families, African American and Latino families as well as mothers and children in family shelter situations.

The FHI program is based on thirteen action-oriented, behavioral principles which helps families who are committed to change get immediately back on track and functioning.

Libowitz, a holistically oriented


Founded in Southern California and expanded to Sarasota, Florida, Family Harmony Institute is bringing a new methodology of healing to many

.Mark Libowitz, M.A., MSW

"Family Harmony Institute supports participants in becoming the peace they want to create, ie creating the qualities of the Peacemaker; wisdom, compassion, joy, enthusiasm and service—in a healthy home environment."

Life Coach and community social service developer for over thirty years has observed that the seed of difficulties, whether with teens, youth, frail elderly, homeless, mentally ill or struggling single parents, can trace self-defeating life patterns to a difficult childhood within a dysfunctional, and often abusive, family system.

The FHI program utilizes such steps as cleaning/reorganizing the living area, eating well orchestrated meals together and learning communication skills to bring dramatic improvement into the lives of the families in their programs.

The FHI model, used successfully in many cities at all levels of society, changes lives and brings hope to families in a powerful way. The vision is to link with family oriented programs in other cultures; working towrds a harmonious global family.

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