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MATRIX: Welcome to our community network segment. Here you'll find a listing works by people and organizations that are making positive changes in a variety of importance segments in our community; locally and globally.  MATRIX is conceived and designed as an information crossroads that will link startup programs, project facilitators, organizations and sponsors. For information and participation drop a note to:     matrix@dwij.org

INDIVIDUALS: A listing of individuals, and the projects they have created, which are making indepth contributions to their community and beyond. We'll highlight a broad range of topics in this segment and welcome your contributions. A resume/project vision are prerequisites.   KEYWORD: "Creative Problem Solving"   

HEALING and HOLISTIC ARTS: A listing of groups and practitioners working in the Healing and Holistic Arts, and Preventative Healthcare. Of special interest to us are projects/processes that introduce children, single parents, and seniors to preventative modalities and alternative healthcare venues and concepts developed by professionals and researchers.   KEYWORD: "Out of The Box"

ART, DESIGN and PERFORMANCE : A listing of artists and arts organizations that are creating specialized programs or unique projects for youngsters and seniors. We have a specific interest in scores that highlight cross-cultural diversity, conflict resolution and personal empowerment gained through the arts. KEYWORDS: "Peacemaking and Conciliation"

ORGANIZATIONS : A listing of organizations, businesses and professionals who are funding, underwriting and/or supporting creativity-based, arts-oriented programs that are developed as community enriching venues based on grassroots mediation, conciliation and cross-cultural harmony.  KEYWORD: "Sponsorship"