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Far from being a luxury item, Kindness is essential to our effectiveness as a society. Recognizing this, Brock Tully and Nadine Marshall, of Vancouver, Canada, founded KindActs in 1998 with a belief in the powerful rippling effect of kindness. "Our intention was to touch hearts and lift spirits throughout the city and, in doing so, set in motion a chain reaction of kindness." The effect was greater than ever imagined as they were contacted by businesses, schools, media and a host of other people and organizations—all wanting a kinder world.

What began as a simple street campaign has grown into a BC-based non-profit organization that stretches across the globe with kindness. Brock and Nadine act with the intention that our society is built on a foundation of relationships, which connect individuals to families, work environments, communities,


Nadine Marshall & Brock Tully

Co-founders of KindActs

countries and our global community.

The non-profit society has made it a mission to inspire human connection and activate the practice of kindness to inspire human connection and activate the practice of kindness locally and globally. "My personal vision," says Nadine, "is of a world in which we value that each one of us has a unique gift to contribute and we encourage each other to manifest our own greatest

potential as individuals so that as humankind we can reach ours. Kindness is about recognizing and honouring both our uniqueness and our oneness."

With the vision of a kinder world, one act at a time, KindActs is committed to raising awareness about the timeliness and profound impact of kindness. Brock, an author and professional speaker, works to inspire people to reconnect with their hearts and take positive action in their own lives and communities. "When we have a kinder world, we are getting to the cause of our challenges, whether that includes feeding the homeless, eliminating bullying in schools and stopping violence against women," he says.

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