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KindActs has exploded with success in spreading, facilitating and educating about kindness since its simple street campaign back in 1998. Some of the many effective and memorable events include Cycling for Kindness 2000, an 18,000-kilometre journey to join and touch hearts around North America. This 205-day road trip touched millions of people through conferences, presentations and, of course, many random acts of kindness. The journey attracted more than 210 media interviews. A yearly musical celebration in honour of World Kindness Day (November 13th) is a big event for KindActs. After participating in the 2000 World Kindness Movement Conference hosted in Singapore, the non-profit organization was inspired to host a World Kindness Concert at the Renaissance Vancouver Hotel. The event was a heart-warming success, with close to 600 people coming out to enjoy the talent of local
artists, a multimedia presentation highlighting kindness and many related activities from around the world.

"Porridge for the Soul," is a popular monthly morning breakfast meeting where thousands have been touched by kindness through powerful speakers. Networking with others who are interested in including kindness in their day is a special opportunity and has
also helped raise awareness of the many other events. KindActs is everywhere--in the schools, on the street, in the workplace, in the legislature and in parades with the Kindness is Cool Float. Future initiatives will involve international exchange programs,

an expanded KindActs Centre in British Columbia and an increased national and international presence to promote kindness.

The KindActs website, www.kindacts.net, is a valuable resource and details the many ways to be involved in creating a kinder world, including Kindness to Kolleagues, The Kindness Connection Newsletter, Random Acts of Kindness Week, Ride Kind/Drive Kind and much, much more. Kindness is contagious and KindActs is doing a wonderful job at spreading it. Get involved.

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Sandra Tonn: Editor

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