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dwij art and design gallery Home Page Forum Presentations Pathfinder Presentations Parenting Q&A's Our Store Contact Us Article 1               Disappearing Glaciers - Evidence of a Rapidly Warming Earth
Article 2               Spinach Power for Integrated Circuit and Fuel Cells
Article 3               Immortal Human Skin Cells - A Miraculous Answer for Burn Victims
                          Sarah Carothers                           Reflection
Article 4               The Mysterious Life and Death of Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Article 5               Bacteria From Outer Space?
Article 6               U.N. Global Warning Forecast: Up to 10.5 Degrees F Hotter in 21st Century
                       Chris James                                  Reflection
Article 7               Great Pyramid at Giza      Re-determining its Age
Article 8               Underwater Megalithic Structures Near Western Cuba
Article 9               Thermal Plasmas of Unknown Origin
                        Ashley Buehler                           Reflection
Article 10              January 2002 - The Warmest January Recorded on Earth
Article 11              Extinctions of Earth Life are Accelerating Rapidly
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Article 12               Majestic-12 Document: Extraterrestrial Technologies