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The Orphanage—Performing Arts Project, underway at Kompong Speu Orphanage, provides Cambodian orphans with the opportunity to experience the traditional music and dances of their Khmer culture. An artistic outlet, the program also teaches a viable and respected trade, providing additional economic opportunities, and ensuring self-sufficiency.

Poor communities in Cambodia are littered with refuse and human and animal waste; disease is rampant. The Environmental Awareness and Hygiene Education Project, now underway in the Bassac community, helps to coordinate environmental cleanups and provides education on proper hygiene.

Hundreds of Cambodian children work in the Stueng Meanchey garbage dump. These children are often sick due to the unsanitary conditions and many have been


The dream that touches eternity

Cambodians committed to "giving back to their communities." Funds may be used for tuition and books for study at law or medical schools, or for non-profit management training. Recipients agree to volunteer in their communities or through Global Children as educators and mentors.

Projects in Development include: The Mfangano Island Project in Kenya; the Jamaica Community Empowerment Project; and The Children's Garden Intercultural Learning and Scholarship Fund.

Global children is a charitable, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of children, families and communities in need.

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injured. Global Children supports the work of Pour un Sourire D'enfant, a French organization providing food and basic medical care to these children. They have also removed 1200 children from the site and enrolled them in school.

Education for Building a Brighter Future: Global Children has developed a scholarship fund for