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Unlike much of the written poetry we know today, which is a conscious, solitary, non-musical art, SOULSPEAK is spontaneously spoken to slow rhythmic music and is largely driven by the unconscious.

Justin and Scylla's lives have changed, as have the lives of many they have come in contact with, especially children. At one time they saw poetry solely as a solitary, literary art, but their personal experience with this art form has completely changed the way they view poetry; now seeing it as an instinctual art form that anyone who can speak can create. They have also experienced it as an expressive modality that is intensely spiritual and social in nature.

In addition, SOULSPEAK is a poetry that is created with a partner, in that the poem is spoken in antiphonal (speaker/responder) fashion. All of these characteristics give this creative venue the unique power to tap, almost effortlessly, into the soul, or unconscious, of the presenter(s), which is the source of all true art.


Poetry That Heals

The SOULSPEAK programs have been presented in many community settings and have introduced over 3000 children at 50 schools and institutions to this artistic forum. Participants learn to share their creations effortlessly as SOULSPEAK is learned almost instantaneously by anyone, even slow learners. No previous knowledge of poetry, or even reading or writing is required. This art form has shown itself to be healing in nature for both speakers and listeners and has been proven to vastly increase self-awareness and empathy for others.

In this respect, SOULSPEAK is very close to prayer in its depth and intensity. In fact, the first form of prayer was poetry, the tribal poetry from which SOULSPEAK has been adapted.

Soulspeak/Sarasota Poetry Theatre is a non-profit (501-C) corporation, founded in 1992. Its mission is to foster the practice of poetry throughout the community, specifically: to promote poetry in collaboration with the other arts; to foster education programs and preserve the art form; to increase public awareness of poetry and make it more accessible to the community.