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Begun with a grant of $5000, Sarasota Senior theater has come a long way quickly. The seniors in the shows, many of them new to the performing arts, have found that participating is not only fun and challenging, but that the applause from the audiences is exhilarating and empowering.

Having presented to sell-out audiences and now taking their shows on the road, the presentations of these seniors are truly inspirational. The added opportunity of community out-reach and working with youngsters is especially fulfilling and rewarding.

"We feel useful; we feel like somebody want us again," Silver says. She believes that this is an avenue for older people who have always enjoyed entertaining and theater, but, for whatever reasons, never had the opportunity to engage themselves in it, until now.

From flappers to the Zigfield Follies, from the dances of World War II to today, from creative skits to serious drama and hilarious comedy, the creations of the Sarasota Senior Theater bring the memories of days gone by, and contemporary presentations, to life for all ages.

The Sarasota Senior Theater is modeled after the 400-plus senior theater troupes that belong to the International Senior Theaters Organization. Imagining these groups focusing their talents on intergenerational endeavors and building creative bridges between youngsters and the elderly is an awesome and important undertaking. It promotes an experience of honoring, acceptance, cocreation, mentorship, and most importantly, weaves a tapestry of community well-being.

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