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Large or small financial gifts, or *the donation of equiptment, support the work of our publication, the "Only Hearts" project, and other programs that are on our horizon.

You may also purchase one of the paintings featured in our gallery as a means of support. Click for the gallery:

We look forward to linking with you and others on this stage of constructive possibilities. Your contributions are welcomed.

 David    dwij  
Send a gift to is a volunteer publication that networks thousands of people around the world. Ours is a vision of a community magazine "in action" that features the great works of many colleagues across the globe who share in one overriding dream: the inhabitants of Space Ship Earth embracing a sought after goal of harmony, conciliation, and well-being for all. Our participants mirror this possibility.

* Our wish list/needs: An iMac with 21inch screen, a MacBook Pro, and a HD video camera.

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