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PUPPETRIX is the dynamic, fun-filled and educational creation of acclaimed puppeteer Fifi Killian, and award winning singer-song writer Bob Killian. For over twenty years they have delighted all ages with their exciting and unique programs which are beautiful, witty, and insightful; highlighting environmental and social themes with great skill and creativity.

It's a joy to meet their delightful family of wise, zany,and colorful puppets who will dance into your life in a joyous, memorable and endearing way. A key to the success of Puppetrix is audience participation and laughter!



Fifi studied mime and theatre arts at HB Studios in NYC and has appeared nationally as a featured performer. She has performed at The Paper Moon Marionnette Theatre and with Kids On The Block Puppet Troupe.

Bob Killian is a prolific song writer and composer who has appeared on national television and radio. He has recorded with Pete Seeger; Peter, Paul and Mary; Tom Chapin; John Sebastian; and many others.

PUPPETRIX offers a wide variety of programs that are tailored to specific themes and presentations.

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