Soulful and Spirited, their set began in an air of expectation and the hearts of all present attuned to a sound that was new, haunting, and deeply unique. Chime's performance was a threshold experience on that memorable Florida evening; it awakened a deep inner reverence and called to us, "Come, Merge and Heal. Cross the threshold of our Star Gate."
Since their first
rehearsal it became apparent that Chime
was brought together
for a purpose: to
awaken and connect the listener to a much larger reality; a deeper meaning to existance than that which is apparent to our eyes and ears. Gifted musicians, they recognized that in
our world, hypnotized
by power, fear, and
greed, the vibration
and frequency of music, used consciously, is a powerful healer.
It is Chime's vision that, through music, they will bring unity of purpose, integrity, balance and transformation to a planet awakening into the fullness of its unfolding potential. Chime was inspired and created by the mutual intention of each member; musicians having their own unique musical ideas and searching for that group/family that would enable those gifts, and their heartfelt vision of life, to be expressed and shared. Chime is a vision in blossom!
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Wonderfully heartfelt, Chime
is going to warm in you, blossom through the very soul of you.