Hosted by Steve Olweean:  Director of Common Bond Institute

Welcome to this segment of Pathfinders.
We look forward to your feedback and participation
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Introduction: Steve Olweean       Journey Through Conflict
Article 1      Alexander Badkhen: President - Harmony Institute - St. Petersburg, Russia
Article 2      Senor Guillermo Miranda: President - Advisory board of CEPSCON - Lima, Peru.
Article 3      Margret Rueffler, Ph.D.: Director - Psycho Political Peace Institute - Zurich, Switzerland
                    Christina Cox                                   Reflection
Article 4      Sharon Press: Director - Dispute Resolution Center of the State of Florida -USA
Article 5      Ahmad Hijazi: Director - Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam - Israel
Article 6      Myron Eshowsky: Director - Pathways Foundation for Peace and Healing - USA
                    Haley Ward                                      Reflection
Article 7      Sharif Abdullah: Director - Commonway Institute - USA
Article 8      Nigel Hamilton: Director - Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy Education - UK     
Article 9      Ann T. Johnston: Director of the Center for an Enlightened Humanity - USA
                    Alex Suczewski                                Reflection
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