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"When, as individuals, we stop recognizing our own power, we lose the ability to relate and survive as a species."

These are the words of Steve Olweean, founder of Common Bond Institute (CBI). A longtime activist and proponent of social change, Steve has a degree in Clinical Psychology, and his passion is applying what he has learned to foster community harmony; believing that personal empowerment is the core of peacemaking. We develop ourselves so that we can use our new-found tools and knowledge to interact with others and benefit society. The deeper we go in our search, the more we find the pearl of connectedness we have with each other.

CBI was established in 1990 as the "activist arm" of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and is based on the belief that one's personal growth work can be a powerful impetus for change in the world. The annual International
Steve Olweean
Common Bond Institut

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International Conference on
Conflict Resolution
May, 2009 • St. Petersburg, Russia

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Conference on Conflict Resolution (ICR), held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in conjunction with HARMONY Institute of St. Petersburg, is an extension of that belief—individuals coming together and acknowledging their own power for positive change in the world. The conference is an opportunity for participants to experience the conflict resolution modalities used by their peers, to hear what others need, and to identify the many ways they can contribute; to look within themselves and their communities and discover: This is what can I do! This is what I can offer!

In Steve's Pathfinders segment he will introduce us to professionals from many parts of the world who are working diligently in the field of conflict resolution. In doing so, an opening may be created for conscious cooperation and collaboration between individuals and nations that can have a positive, lasting effect on our planet and its inhabitants.

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