ffective parenting is when you are clear about what your job is and do it well, when you know why you are doing what you are doing and can clearly articulate that.

Effective parenting involves:

Identifying important values

Knowing how children learn values

Exemplify those values

Setting firm limits with kindness

Nurturing your child's individuality

The five biggest mistakes parents make arise from not understanding how children learn to listen, how children learn to be respectful, how to teach cooperation and what to reasonably expect at different stages of development.

In addition, individuals often carry a lot of baggage from their own childhood into their role as a parent.

Marlene Resnick, M.A.

President of Parenting U Int'l.

Marlene is an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida in Sarasota.

For information eMail: parenting@dwij.org

This is natural and to be expected, however it is problematic if the expectations and motivations are not
conscious.In this segment of Pathfinders, I will be assisting you in your parenting experience by providing information and help in the development of critical skills.
The most important role parents play is to help their children grow into self-responsible human beings. This is a long term and very challenging task. It is a journey that has profound rewards.

Topics will address:

Discipline challenges

Knowing your expectations

Assessing your learning style

Ages and stages of development

Welcome to our on-line community forum, an opportunity to meet with you and develop creative parenting solutions.

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