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s a medical professional for over twenty years, I have identified AIDS as one of the major public health concerns that will continue to affect humanity in upcoming years. Many people in the United States unknowingly believe that the risk of AIDS is of little concern.

Because of the availability of treatment and the social stigma associated with AIDS in many situations, dialog about this disease has been underplayed. Highly publicized cases generally involve IV drug use, transfusions or sexual orientation and most heterosexual individuals assume that with safe screening of the nation's blood supply they are at low risk.

While it is true that infection incidences of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) have been dropping in the homosexual community and in those who are receiving transfusions, the sad fact is that heterosexual transmission remains a major source of infection, particularly in minority populations.

Dr. Marguerite Barnette

Chief Surgeon Bon Secours Hospital
Board Member St. Andrews Hospital
Pres. Elect Sarasota Medical Society

Dr. Margueritte Barnette

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AIDS will be a growing concern in coming decades because of the vast numbers of HIV infected persons in Third World nations; the effects of this pandemic will be to destabilize these developing economies. As we have seen in recent years no country is immune to the consequences of occurrences in other countries, and even if one were to choose celibacy AIDS would still pose a threat.

My intention in this segment is to moderate an ongoing discussion about AIDS/HIV: What is it? Who is affected? Controversies, conventional as well as alternative treatments, side effects, support systems, and spiritual/moral/ethical issues will be explored.

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