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Creative problem solving is a precursor to our survival as a species on Space Ship Earth, however, we must first know what questions to ask so as to identify those systems that are in need of realignment and healing.

Linda Moulton-Howe, host of this segment, is an acclaimed investigative journalist who brings a special gift of insight and experience to solutions finding. She will share with you the latest findings regarding scientific discoveries, unidentified aerial craft, ecological issues, ongoing contact with non-human intelligence, the crop circle phenomena, a new cosmology that is emerging as a factor in our accelerating evolution and discuss the impact of these in our rapidly changing world..

An author of four books, winner of three regional Emmys, Golden Plaque recipient at the Chicago Film Festival, creator of the science and environmental website Earthfiles.com, past Director of International Programing for Turner Broadcasting's Earthbeat and an acclaimed lecturer are but a few accolades in a sterling career that has brought knowledge and understanding to untold thousands.

In our Future Destinies series Linda will choose a monthly topic she believes to be of great importance to you and guide our visitors on a journey that will be highly informative and educational; piercing the veil of our conditioned reality to enter an unfolding world view that is profound and expansive. The sciences, medicine and environmental issues are at the core of Linda Moulton-Howe's research as she investigates the phenomena that leaves traces on the world around us.
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