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The Importance Of Creativity From Infancy
When we help our children to develop their creative ability through the arts we give them the foundaton to be creative individuals, confident in their abilty to express themselves. We encourage them to know the powerful resource inside which they can use to think and communicate ideas and feelings.

This segment is hosted by Kia Woods who will share insights and techniques for enhancing the creative gifts of children. The three programs she will use as resources are the curriculums from her art studio, music classes and Montessori learning center. Kia draws from her experience as an arts educator and therapist and training with Kindermusik® , Music

The Children's Garden
Kia Woods, M.A.
Creator and Director of The Children's Garden
Kia Woods, M.A. has devoted thirty years to creating prototype educational programs that trailblazed in the field of human potential. She created the School for Young Artists in New York City, designed Rites of Passage programs, and facilitated educational workshops in the United States, Canada and in Europe. The The Children's Garden; is her new arts school for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in New York City.
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Together® and Harmony Road® music programs. Our monthly presentations will explore a number of important and compelling questions regarding resources and educational priorities for kids: The most basic of these being "Why is it important for our children to sing, dance, and paint?

Kia's intention is to introduce parents and caretakers to a number of fine creative processes which will bring great joy and enhanced potential to the children in their lives. Your suggestions, feedback and involvement is welcome.

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