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Evolving Relationships in the 21st Century
To choose birth into this physical life is to choose to be in relationship from that moment on. Our first relationship is with our self; our whole and perfect self as a true reflection of the divinity within. This is the essence of Authentic Self, the self which is our Anam Cara. This beautiful phrase is taken from the Gaelic language and is a Celtic expression which means "soul friend."

In 2000, Jay Alan Whitham and Wendy Lynn Nethersole founded The Anam Cara Foundation, Inc., in service to their life path work: to help people find clarity, identity, intention and purpose in their lives. Their mission is "to nurture, reveal, and be the light of Truth and Unity for all who seek its peace." Jay and Wendy believe that peace in the world will be achieved as each of us chooses to find that peace within.

In this segment of Pathfinders, Jay and Wendy will focus on assisting our readers to heal their relationship to self and others. The practical tools offered in their work give special emphasis to thriving in the "new energy" of the 21st century.

In this century we all face new challenges as we seek to live on purpose with each other and on the Earth while advanced technology urges us to live at an accelerated pace. Yet somewhere deep within, most of us seek a simpler life with meaning, purpose, and time to reflect.

We are all capable of sacred relationship. As Paul Ferrini writes in the Miracle of Love, "on the wings of your mutual love and acceptance of each other, you and your partner may come as close to the divine as you can come in this lifetime." We truly are powerful co-creators of our lives.

With this in heart and mind, Jay and Wendy, both healers and teachers with diverse backgrounds, offer their guidance to those who wish to live an aware and inspired life, no matter where they may be in their current journey.

In Pathfinders they share their own extraordinary life experiences, integrate Ageless Wisdom teachings into their writings, and offer counseling expertise as a catalyst for insights and the opportunity for profound life transformations in relationships.

Jay Whitham and
Wendy Nethersole

Anam Cara Foundation