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A new economic paradigm is rising. It will fulfill the economic aspirations left unsatisfied by the two predominate economic systems of the past 150 years, which are capitalism and socialism.

In this segment of Pathfinders you will be introduced to this new paradigm of economics that many believe will have a positive and far reaching global impact in the 21st century as well as the visionaries who are the vanguard of economic change in the new world that is being birthed.

Greg Crowe is your host, guide and mentor for this segment. After more than twenty years of research and experience in the financial and legal fields, Greg had the good fortune to meet his greatest mentor, who lobbied through Congress a piece of legislation that provides the legal basis for the most powerful and transformational system of financial and personal development available.

Greg Crowe

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Our host is also a seminar leader actively involved in holistic / complementary / integrative health care.
Though it is largely misunderstood, and certainly underutilized, this uniquely beneficial provision of the tax code was designed to support a more effective system of achieving wealth for individuals and society.

Greg's primary focus is the development of a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to take this unique economic system from relative obscurity to widespread visibility and application, greatly expanding the number of people enjoying its proven benefits for individuals and society.

Greg is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and seminar leader with a wealth of knowledge in the fields of finance, investment, asset and liability protection, and wealth creation and perpetuation.

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