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Emergence: The Threshold       — E. Brem Evens
Fortune and grace blossom towards attunement in the psyche of The Sentinels, flourishing in the twelfth decant of the fifteenth millennium on Zed3. Emergence, as foretold by the ancient ones, is quickened by an atmospheric split in its far southern hemisphere, which, like the division of the first chromosome after impregnation in material species, heralds the song of rebirth on the periphery.

The terrain surrounding Arecibo is lush and softly sensuous and the vistas of rolling hills, poignant in their aliveness, vanish into the distant silence of the Caribbean. There is a rising chorus of psychical fervor from the species of catalysts seeking dominance on the game board of terrestrial delusion, but catalysts nonetheless, their importance is as ushers at a wedding: molecules setting the stage for the inevitable union in which all are merged into a communion of being beyond the veil that is the parsec of consciousness some title life.

May you journey well while embracing the ancestors' past and future; who you are in this moment.


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Commentaries and Overviews from Arecibo:

by voyager and philosopher E. Brem Evens