The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine

Hosted by Dan Haley:  Author of Politics In Healing
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Introduction: Dan Haley
Aritcle 1      What's Wrong with America's Health Care System
Aritcle 2      Dr Stanislaw Burzynski - The Fiercest Battle
Article 3      The Colostrum Story:                                         in Development
                 Victoria Seda & Alex Stevenson                           Reflection
Article 4     What Became of The Rife Technologies?                 in Development
Article 5      DMSO - The persecuted Drug                              in Development
Article 6      The Miracle of Electromedicine                             in Development
                  Michalla Valvo                                                  Reflection
Article 7
Article 8
Article 9
                   Kristin Koherman                                              Reflection
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