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Politics In Healing: The Manipulation of American Healthcare

eeking an understanding of the term internal terrorism, one must seriously question why an American dies of cancer every minute or why one American dies every 3-5 minutes (100,000-150,000 a year) from the effects of FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs, used as directed?

Pathfinders welcomes Dan Haley, author of Politics in Healing, an information- packed book for those interested in American medicine, healing, alternative healing modalities and treatments, and the abuse and interference of the political process in those treatments.

In learning about this development and seeking a solution, which Dan believes is not more money for bureaucrats but freedom from bureaucrats, you will be introduced to the men and women who made discoveries and developed treatments that gave positive results for people suffering terrible illnesses, only to be persecuted and harassed for their gifts.
Daniel Haley, Author
A NY Assemblyman who chaired the Joint Commission on Energy, a US Air Force intelligence officer and a Harvard cum laude graduate, Dan undertook an indepth investigation into the politics in American Healthcare. Here is an introduction to the gifted doctors and the suppression of their cures, research, and discoveries.

Dan and his guest presenters will cover areas of interest from Hoxsey's discovery of a treatment for cancer in the 1800s up to the recent discoveries and work of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. We'll also discuss DMSO, 714-X, hydrazine sulfate, colostrums, electromedicine, Krebiozen, Rife technologies and glyoxylide.

These findings should be required reading for all medical students! Dan is not advocating or recommending therapies, but rather, telling the stories of dedicated doctors and researchers in the hope that you, our readers, will become knowledgeable about the powers that are obstructing the acceptance of alternatives to the toxic treatments supplied by pharmaceutical companies in the US; in perhaps the most heavily and tightly regulated medical system in the world, dictated from the top down by the FDA and the AMA.

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