"My attitude towards life has always been inventive"
Sally Fox, Inventor & Entomologist

Protecting and Preserving the Environment Through Organic Cotton Farming

Inventing the manner in which cross-pollinating led to a broad range of naturally colored cotton fibers that are applicable for commercial spinning gained Sally Fox patents for her discoveries. Garnering awards and acclaim during ten years of hard work, she remained committed to her vision of creating environmentally friendly cotton products. Her dream became a $5 million business and her products are now marketed internationally by companies such as L.L. Bean, Eileen Fisher and Fieldcrest.

It takes seven to ten years of selective crossbreeding to develop a new variety of plant, one whose seeds will always produce plants (colors) identical to the parent. Sally grows her cotton under the registered trade name Fox Fibre® in six distinct shades called Coyote, New Brown, Buffalo, Palo Verde, Green Fox and New Green. Discovering an environmentally friendly alternative to the toxic fabric dyes used in the textile industry has brought her awards and honors which include the United Nations Environmental Programme Award for the Environment, the Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation and the Good Housekeeping Award for Environmental Leadership.

A detail-oriented researcher, Sally was inspired by the possibility of producing a safe cotton for children's sleepwear, one that did not require treatment by fire retardant chemicals. In recognition of her inventivness she received a utility patent for discovering and breeding flame resistant cottons.

Sally Fox is a visionary and inventor, a business woman who's bringing change to the textile industry while also educating many on the economic feasibility of environmentally friendly cotton products and processes. From backyard research to market success she gives a valuable gift to the world.

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