Following years of R&D by Getrag, Hawker Energy, Lockheed Martin, Kollmorgen, Vectrix of Canada, and one of America's foremost design studios, a breakthrough transportation package of outstanding beauty and technological innovation is about to change the picture of inner urban commuting.
Rob Brady is one of the most inventive and talented new industrial designers on the U.S. scene. A major team player on the Vectrix Electric Scooter project, Rob and his design group are responsible for creating all of the product development aspects of this unique vehicle including ideation, concept, clay modeling, wind tunnel testing, pre-production prototypes, production tooling, and marketing of this outstanding vehicle which debuted in Miami, Florida in November 2003.
The Vectrix Scooter is a state of the art, 70 mph high-tech electric vehicle, the design of which required leading edge computer software that would support rapid production in a narrow time window once the go-ahead was given by the client. RoBrady Design performed its task exceeding timeline and design parameters. Based in Sarasota Florida, Rob's studio is a buzz of creative activity on a number of innovative products for Centennial Technologies, Kysor, AT&T, Evans and Sutherland, Volvo Penta, Mastercraft Boats and Suzuki. Production of Vectrix for the world market begins April of 2004 in Portugal.
Guided by Rob Brady's creative vision abilities (few know that he designed Yamaha's boats) Yamaha received the 1999 Watercraft of the Year Award; a sterling testimony to Rob's talent.
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