Mark Chalom Architect: Passive Solar Plus

Architect, teacher, craftsman and lecturer, Mark Chalom developed "Solar Design and Analysis" into a breakthrough firm that blends future-linked building technology with the traditional adobe style architecture of Northern New Mexico. Designing environmentally appropriate homes for over twenty-five years, Mark's designs are performance models, the data
of which are applicable to solar food dehydrators, food producing green houses, photovoltaic electric systems, engineered wet lands, domestic hot water systems and gray water systems for landscaping.

With over one hundred traditional and contemporary homes to his credit he is in demand by clients who are environmentally astute and are intent on

successfully merging the simple climatic concepts, first used a thousand years ago by the native peoples of New Mexico, into their homes. Mark's philosophy is that good design comes from the land and by factoring in vegetation, water courses, wind speed and prevailing direction and micro weather patterns, a superior design will evolve, one that is in harmony with the specific site.

Mark's workshops and seminars have gained the acclaim of professionals as well as novice passive solar designers and many of his students have gone on to design and build their own dream homes. Thanks to Mark Chalom, and proponents of enviornmental appropriateness as well as sensitivity to historic cultures, a beautiful harmony has been brought onto the architectural stage to balance a proliferating hard-edge technology.

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