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Dr. Janese Swanson
Annual "Leading Change Award"
from Women in Communications

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Mother, teacher, visionary, entrepreneur and a gift to thousands and thousands of girls just begins to describe the accomplishments of Dr. Janese Swanson who holds an Education Doctorate in Organization and Leadership.Her dissertation, the Abstracts of Perceived Elements of Gender Preference in Technology played by Elementary School Children, was a catalyst for her business.

Janese founded the company Girl Tech in 1995 after discovering that so many wonderful technology products were developed and marketed solely for boys. Her doctoral research on children's play patterns and use of technology revealed that 1) girls are starting to shy away from technology, a factor that will be detrimental to their future career opportunities; 2) girls enjoy and will play with technology toys/software if they are developed with girls' interests in mind, and 3) an important timeline was to reach girls and help them become comfortable with technology before they reach the confusing teenage years.

Inventions include Door Pass, voice recognition motion sensor monitor; Password Journal, voice recognition locking journal; Frame Friend, talking picture frame; Bug Em, radio transmitter; and Keepsafe Box, infrared remote locking keepsake box.
In May 1998, having managed every aspect of Girl Tech, Inc.from inception to maturity - and receiving much acclaim on her journey - Dr.Swanson sold her company to Radica Games for 6 million dollars.
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