The Investment segment is a showcase and networking vehicle for the creators of new products and processes requiring funding sources. Our intention is to assist participants through initial feasibility studies and, for selected submissions, garner support that leads toward the development and production of these product or process; structuring incubators for research, prototypes and marketing of the vision, innovation and/or invention.

Investment as a Community Arts Score

Examples of Participants:

Brilliant architect develops $900 home for use in third world cultures; requires government and corporate grants for international presentations. He has UN interest and is negotiating foreign contracts. Contact:

11-year-old invents a creative delivery method for administering medicine to children. It's great and she requires help with next steps?

Environmentalist creates an ingenious way of measuring global rain forest loss. Funding is required for a documentary film and educational materials.

New Aircraft Concept: Minimal structure single place autogyro design will open a new vista in low speed, STOL aircraft technology. Contact:

This segment is under development
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Inventor/scientist develops natural colored cotton. She has patents on this invention and on the invention of fireproof cotton. Requires funding for production and expansion of multi-million dollar company.

Fresh Water Breakthrough: Consortium merging solar furnace technology and salt water desalination technology for applications in coastal environments. Seeking international financial partnership. Contact:

Internet magazine concept, US, requires startup support; includes finance, business and strategic alliances.

These are a few projects researched and developed by friends and colleagues who are creating change in the world. We'll also be linking you with projects by a number of our featured presenters.