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Hand to Hand . . .

. . . and Heart to Heart we give wings and voice to our prayers, hopes, dreams, and wishes for a world of peaceful co-existance and compassion for others. Coming together in a spirit of unity and a desire for true healing, without fear, anger, or hatred, we are enveloped in the light of love and forgiveness and, like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes, take wing, and soar.

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to download our art project pdf. on which to draw or paint your vision of peace . . . and share it with friends.

It is our hope that, in this way, we may gain a clarity of purpose, allowing for choices that promote deep healing and a peaceful resolution to all conflict.

Linda Maree


Bring a hundred sacks of gold and God will say, "Bring the heart."


Whenever people think they have the right answer, blame and judgment follow.
Frances Vaughn