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STAR FABLES! —the world of story telling and playful improvisation. Here you'll discover stories for the imagination followed by delightful, empowering, improvisational play as participants create an arts score with words, acting, singing, movement, ingenuity and playfulness.

Click on ACT OUT for the first of five scores in this creative segment for home, or schoolroom, that you can download.

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Love and trust together makes peace: —Carly

Butterfly Deer WomanSoaring
Peace is power! The power to cure disease, poverty and unhappiness. Peace makes that all possible. Why? The reason is with all of our nations working together we can solve almost any problem. That's Peace!!!!!    —Nick Knoll
"Do we use computer technology not because it teaches best but because we've lost the political will to fund education adequately?" Prof. Sherry Turkle, M.I.T.   Excerpt from the book Fool's Gold, a must-read for educators that is available at:
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