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eace . . . No guns . . . No fighting        —Brad Heiny

Segment Under Development

The following organizations, businesses, publications, and individuals have helped to make the "Only Hearts" project a success. Please visit their web sites or e-mail them for more information.



Lemelson Center
Washington, DC

Zurich, Switzerland

Global Children
Manhattan, NY

Players Theater
Sarasota, FL

Harmony Institute
St. Pertrsburg, Russia

Florida Studio Theater
Sarasota, FL

Children's Garden Studio
Manhattan NY

Kind Acts
Vancouver, Canada

Hawaii Dept. of Education

Ashton Elementary School
Sarasota, FL

New Gate School
Sarasota, FL

Etain Writes
Editorial and Literary Services

Sienna Creative Group
Children's Enrichment Programs
Creative Writing and Art Curricula

Abacus Web Services

Fogt's Music

Spotlight Graphics - Publication

Allison Knapp

Cameron Icard

Janet Guttridge

David Gittens
Internet Gallery

Cindy Flanagan


Wendy Kay Foldes

Zan Benham
Internet Article

Rosemary & John Cannon

Pete Wenner

Jeff Lantz
Lantz web feature