For The Love of Toys - Welcome to a Hands-on Toymaking Project by Rick Hartman
Project #1: Catapult Catcher

We'll have fun ahead building a toy that didn't begin as a toy. In ancient times, giant catapults were used as weapons to hurl stones and other dangerous objects across great distances toward an enemy. For your enjoyment Rick has created a fun-filled and peaceful toy for you and friends.

Your project, a toy catapult, is based on a small Chinese skill toy that originally launched a hard wooden ball between two cups. Measuring two feet long, this catapult project is much larger than the original toy and uses safe, soft, puff balls as its projectile. This is one of the most popular projects in Rick's workshops. Always wear safety goggles.
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Toy Project
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Parts You Will Need

• 1 small hammer and 1 small saw.
• 1 yard stick. Three 1/8 holes pre-drilled at the
  1", 24" and 35" mark. Pre-draw a line at the
  12" mark.
• 1 empty film can with top. 1/8" hole drilled in   bottom of can.
• 1 plastic cup. Poke a tiny hole in the bottom.
• 2 brass paper fasteners (3/4" or larger).
• 1 wooden (fulcrum) block 1"x1" by 3/8" thick.
• 1 carpet tack, 5/8" long
• 1 strip of electrical tape 12 "long
• 2 3/4" acrylic puff balls from a crafts store.

Rick Hartman is a professional toy inventor and teacher whose Toymaking Workshops have been attended by tens of thousands of children across America. Rick researches traditional folk toys from around the world and transforms them into magical projects packed with surprise, laughter and learning. Featured at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, schools and festivals nationally, his patented inventions have been sold in toy stores around the world.

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