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Here's a glimpse of our "Only Hearts" presentation in Sarasota, Florida.

Friends loved this idea and many voluntered in the organization of our two-day event. Ron and Arlene, local printers, donated materials for our "Only Hearts" template and Allison and Cameron delivered these, and instructions, to over 3500 youngsters in Sarasota schools through their teachers. Another company laminated the hearts for our display.

We rented the largest heart shaped balloon in North America from a Canadian company—forty feet tall—and lots of folks joind in to help set it up. Yes, it took months of planning, but what an experience for all!

Fifteen hundred heart paintings defined our presentation arena under the balloon and in it we had music, dance, poetry, discussion, and meditation—all articulating a vision of world peace. To enter the arena hundred's of visitors walked beneath an archway built of hearts.

What a joy seeing the youngsters showing off their hearts, sharing their words of wisdom, and feeling the pride of parents and teachers who felt the positive impact of this arts score on their loved ones.


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