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Not only does peace mean love andkindness, but well-being for all:
Open your eyes;
stop the violence:
Peace is power - the power to cure disease, poverty and unhappiness:

" O N L Y   H E A R T S "
I S  O U R   G I F T !

Katie, Joey, and Nick's words are a sample of the sentiments shared by thousands of children from Sarasota, Florida whose art reflected their vision of a peaceful world. Our creative goal here is to share this project with you.

Using paints, chalks, collage and writing we'll express our intention to create a world of beauty, compassion and love; a creative action toward peace. Sarasota's art project (photos) featured an array of fifteen hundred hearts surrounding the largest heartshaped balloon in North America. In this setting folks of all cultural backgrounds and ages sang, read poetry, danced, meditated and prayed for world peace.

Hundreds viewed the children's creations, read their poetry and listened to what kids had to say about

peace; all expressing a desire for harmony in their home, extending to their schools and into their community.

Join in by creating a beautiful arts experience in your community by replicating our artistic experience, or use it to create your own special score using the "Only Hearts" template. This is a magnificent artistic project that affirms our intentions to create peace in the world and will be rewarding to all who participate.

"Only Hearts"

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Sarasota, FL