The Whirl of CRYSTAL STIX by Robert "Bucky" Levine, LCSW, Psychotherapist

Crystal Stix are quickly becoming a favorite family and schooltime activity, gaining acclaim as a great self-esteem builder as well as being a fun way to get kids and adults to play together and to learn communication skills. Crystal Stix players develop a high state of vitality and health, and are physically compared to runners who become elated with the second wind - but with Crystal Stix the reflexes are being called upon in a manner that demands total attention and quick action. Emotionally Stix play creates a continuous series of positive, accurate choices that alternate between the two hemispheres of the brain resulting in an elated sense of readiness and accomplishment.

Created in this contemporary form by Bill Vestal of Crestone, Colorado, Crystal Stix has received the endorcement of the The National Learning Laboratory in Bethesda, MD, which wrote, " Stix are the perfect addition to our repertoire of movement and coordination materials; juggling, trampolining, batakas and, now, Crystal Stix

Stix games are found in most cultures. Researchers have traced this form of play to the Cherokee Indians, who tied arrowheads to both ends of the arrow, and to the Chinese culture where jugglers call them Rhythm Sticks and twirl three at a time.

Bucky has been introducing folks of all ages to Crystal Stix for several years; he performs and also guides many in choosing their ideal set of Stix.

are used in the Lab to promote hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor control, concentration, balance and attention. Children with a variety of learning and emotional problems benefit from the calming, meditative effects of twirling, using Crystal Stix as a leveling, integrating device."

Through our web feature on Crystal Stix we'll be introducing many folks to this community of play, exercise and achievement; it's easy to learn and not something that takes years to master. Folks love Stix because they can get good at them really fast; their beauty is that they are not complicated. Participants can learn a new move every day with a little effort, which means dropping your Stix a lot; and one day soon the Stix will twirl at your command as if spinning by itself.

Welcome to our whirl of Crystal Stix.

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