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Trees gently rocking in the gentle breeze instead of interminable rows of buildings and skyscrapers. Waters, crystal clear that laugh as the rays of the sun dance upon the surface instead of waters that are filled with thoughtless disasters. Voices that are pure and make a difference instead of living in a world of procrastination. Laughter and singing instead of tears of profanity. Fingers that make music instead of fingers that point. Mouths that smile in satisfaction instead of mouths that sneer in disapproval. Love instead of hate. Believing in what it all will be instead of what it all could be.      —Katie McDuffie     Age 13
The Vision and Intention is to introduce the Sarasota 2K children's art and writing project, and other creative projects, to our Internet community; offering educators and parents templates and instructions with which to enact a powerful arts score that invites young people to share their views on peacemaking and the vision they hold for the world.

The Goal of our Project is to encourage young artists to express what a world of peace, cross-cultural harmony, and safety means to them. A first action step is to gather a small creative team to initiate the "Only Hearts" project. A next step is to identify and articulate the positive themes around which your project is to be structured; discovering empowering and funfilled ways participants can express their valuable insights and ideas.

The artistic mission of "Only Hearts" is to create a unique on-line arts community where participants can artistically share their message of peace, conciliation, and harmony using visual, performance, and healing arts venues around the "Only Hearts" template.

Our Logo, Earth surrounded by six hearts, will be used in a number of ways to promote and support our webzine. A percentage of the funds gained will be geared towards tuition for educational, artistic, and healing arts programs for youngsters.

Click Lesson Plan for ideas.

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