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WHO'S (Whose) HOME? Decades ago, former United Nations Secretary General U Thant said that the greatest problem facing the international community as ending the Vietnam War, and the resolution of Non-Human Intelligence and unidentified Aerial Craft (UFO). This was before the Internet, the AIDS epidemic, and the breakup of the Soviet Union.
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In the Future Link segment of The Forum we'll explore, with you, the works of many researchers, authors and scientists who have presented awesome materials that beg the questions: Who are the visitors that came by ships? Who are the transient sojourners that beamed in from a passing orb? And who is genius US who thought the body and incubated through a mothering womb of eternity to experience a parsec of time on Spaceship Earth . . . Terrestrial Turf?

There is nothing new: everything already exists!

As we blossom into our potential on the EarthPlane, embracing a host of visitors who have always traveled among us, we'll utilize this segment to explore the insights and thoughts of thinkers who have pierced the periphery of our conditioned perception and offered keys to a dawning reality. They embrace a variety of scholarly disciplines; each a gift on the Earth journey.

Community; all sojourners on an infinite stage echoing our song of Universe. Mirroring a trillion forms, a trillion graces landed on a satellite orb of a minor star seeded by Ancient Ones - A Polar Shift Links Maffie Center via Perseus.

W e will review the works of such authors as Jose Arguelles, R. Buckminster Fuller, James Gleick, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Charles N. Pope, Zecharia Sitchin, Chet B. Snow, Immanuel Velikovsky and others. Most importantly, please introduce us to women who, like astronomer Jocelyn Bell and author Ayn Rand, built bridges of knowledge that are as future-linked and impactful as our male contributors.

A funny thing did happen on the way to our Forum; perhaps a psychic shift, an emotional attunement, or Mindwarpeggio - as Universal light blossoms within us flatlanders riding a multidimensional stage coached by conditioning and the gift of paradox.

Welcome aboard. We'll be looking forward to your suggestions, participation and contributions that are informative and "out of the box."