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Alone Looking at the Mountain

All the birds have flown up and gone;

A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.

We never tire of looking at each other -
Only the mountain and I.

—By Li Bai

Visionary Feng Shui

Empowering Personal and Planetary Change through Feng Shui Ritual and Ceremony

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of placement is taking our western culture by storm. We are eagerly embracing its timeless principles of creating harmonious living and working circumstances for nurturing health, happiness, and prosperity.

There are many different "schools" or perspectives of feng shui. Some emphasize how the land forms affect one's circumstances; others emphasize how the compass orientations and astrology influence one's life. Another school, Tibetan Tantric Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui, incorporates the essence of these traditional schools with the use of ritual and ceremony to deepen our relationship with our surroundings and align with the balancing and creative energies of the universe. My work, Visionary Feng Shui, is based upon this body of sacred knowledge and experience.

Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun brought this eclectic perspective of feng shui to the west in 1973, creating a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern understanding. He reinterpreted Black Sect teachings and philosophy in terms of modern western knowledge and science, while staying true to its roots and traditions, which trace back 3000 years from India, Tibet, and China. Steeped in ancient philosophies and traditions, the Black Sect School offers mystical feng shui solutions that work in both the visible and invisible realms by connecting our positive intentions through ritual and ceremony with our physical environment.

These mystical solutions are called transcendental or secret cures—ceremonies that use time-honored rituals for blessings, clearings, and meditations to empower the environmental placements and changes we make. (The word "cure" relates to an action that redirects energy [chi flow] to effect a positive change in a situation or a space. A cure is a feng shui solution.) Transcendental cures enhance the effect of ordinary cures, which are called mundane cures or ru-shr in Chinese, meaning "inside our experience." The mundane cures are yang, which is logical, easy to understand, and easily accepted by intellectuals. It is the first level at which we actively relate to our environment and circumstances.

Transcendental cures are called chu-shr in Chinese, meaning "outside our experience." This refers to that realm which goes beyond our understanding. Transcendental also refers to the yin, spiritual, or invisible realm. These cures may seem illogical and unreasonable, and yet, their purpose is to connect us with the heavenly realms. Heaven is also conceived as the concept of the unmanifest in quantum physics; that same place that Albert Einstein said is the source of all true art and science, which he called the unified field and Deepak Chopra calls the field of all possibilities.

In the past, secret cures were orally passed down from master to student, and not revealed to the general public. Today, secret cures are generously available for all to improve their lives, and to help heal and stabilize our precious home, mother earth. And as our breadth of knowledge so rapidly expands, we are blessed to receive what was once secret, but has now become public.

Combining or marrying the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, and the mundane and transcendental aspects of life is the most powerful way to use feng shui. The relationship of inner and outer is strengthened by combining both the yin and yang aspects of creation.

From this perspective, Grandmaster Lin Yun emphasizes that the use of transcendental solutions gives added clout to our feng shui actions and adjustments. He explains that the results we expect from our actions are greatly increased through the ceremony and ritual of secret cures.

The Power of Transcendental Feng Shui Cures

For example, if you wanted to increase your income, the traditional advice might be to work harder, contact more prospects, or do more advertising to help your income increase. This might be 10 or 20 % effective, depending upon your level of commitment.

Mundane feng shui solutions that may be suggested might be placing a wind chime near the front door to help attract the desired income, along with clearing out your clutter, and repositioning your desk to a more commanding position. Taking these mundane actions, may be 50% more effective.

But if we empower these adjustments with the Three Secrets Reinforcement, which is a transcendental cure that can be applied to connect our intention for attracting more income with the environmental adjustments we put into place, our income could rise as much as 100 to 120%, not only meeting our financial objectives, but going beyond our expectations.

The key to working with transcendental feng shui ceremonies and cures is having clarity of intention and purpose. First, our intentions must be congruent with the laws of nature and the universe—honorable, moral, and upright—because all is interconnected. We are all one and what we do out in the world is actually something we are doing to ourselves.

Second, we must have clarity of purpose. If we are uncertain or conflicted about any aspects of the process or the outcome, we may not receive the strongest results.

Third, being open to receive what shows up next is always the right next step in the process of change. It teaches us to be willing to release our attachment to how we think it should be. If we let our source of spiritual inspiration determine the where, when, and how, we may find it opens us to greater learning and good far beyond our present vision.

When we work in the transcendental dimension, sometimes changes may take place that we don't expect or want. If and when this happens, we consider the feng shui connections and symbolisms, as these events may have a message for us to consider, or may be pointing us in a different direction. Perhaps we have skipped over an aspect that needs attention before we can move on.

Feng shui regards our life path like a river: It is rarely straight. If the river is moving too fast, we look to see what we need to do to slow it down; if it is too slow, stagnant, or stuck, we look to see what needs to change to create an improved flow; and if it is too chaotic, we note those elements that might possibly be creating the chaos, and then realign what we can.

It is important to keep your feng shui transcendental cures secret until you've experienced the manifestations desired. Others' skepticism can easily weaken your own chi, so your energy around the situation becomes dissipated. Only share your feng shui cures with those who are clearly supportive and already involved.

Often what we may judge as bad or wrong turns out to be just the right catalyst that is needed to propel us further along our path. This perspective is mirrored in my favorite Chinese character, "Opportunity" . . . which is also the same character for "Crisis"!

Visionary Feng Shui

Although it is necessary to release our attachment to the outcome, it is very important to visualize our desired outcomes in several stages of development—to set the stage, so to speak. This is known as the Mind Secret, which is the most important aspect of the Three Secrets Reinforcement Ceremony.

For instance, in applying this to sell your home; the first step might be to visualize doing any needed repairs; secondly, you might visualize interviewing several Realtors, and then you might see yourself deciding on the price and signing a listing agreement. Next you might see the "For Sale" sign go up and visualize the house being shown. Then you might visualize receiving an offer at your full price and desired terms. After that you see yourself signing the papers, the inspections taking place, and receiving a check at closing for even more than you imagined! You see yourself depositing the check in the bank and being ready for your next move, which you can also visualize. This is the first step of the Three Secrets.

Gratitude and enjoyment of your God-given ability to experience these life situations is the key emotion you want to feel as you apply the Mind Secret.

Conscious visualization is the process out of which all human creations have been made into reality. By visualizing the positive outcome we desire in all its glory, we attract the creative resources of the universe to our cause. Using all five senses in our visualizations is additionally empowering. If we can imagine seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and/or hearing as many of the elements as we can; then our thoughts become deeply felt and sensed, increasing their creative power.

Knowing it is possible raises your ability to receive, although your results may still vary somewhat from your expectations. Grandmaster Lin Yun says that 8 out of 10 things don't turn out exactly the way we expect, because life is multi-causal, and some things are just out of our ability to influence. It's best to have an open and positive expectation that you will experience the right next step from where you are. Everyone gets different results to feng shui cures. Some get immediate results, others see their lives gradually improve over time, and others may see no results for a while, then suddenly things may shift in their lives.

Many times benefits come from unexpected sources and you may not directly connect your life changes with your feng shui cures. Be willing to allow your internal changes to take place in your own psychology, emotions, and personality as the inner assimilates the outer changes you've initiated.

The other two secrets of the Three Secrets Reinforcement Ceremony are the Body Secret and the Speech Secret. Although we use these creative aspects continually in everyday life; great empowerment comes as we connect them with our intention through the following ritual:

The Three Secrets Reinforcement

The Three Secrets Reinforcement is a traditional feng shui cure that is very important when making adjustments or applying minor additions, and also as the empowerment part of other transcendental cures. It works with the dimensions of Mind (visualization), Body (mudra), and Speech (mantra) to dynamically increase the power of the changes you are making.

Step 1: (Mind) Visualize the change you desire to take place. It is most effective to begin the visualization, then do the mantra and mudra simultaneously while holding the visualization in your mind. You might even like to write out an affirmation for each change or addition.

Step 2: (Speech) Say the Six True Words (or other sacred words or prayers from your own tradition) nine times, silently or very quietly: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum

These words are also called the Mantra of Compassion and have the creative power (vibration) to improve luck, uplift your mind, correct negative thoughts, enhance wealth and prosperity, and help you perform better in your daily life.

Step 3: (Body) Perform the Ousting Mudra (or other hand gesture) to clear the chi (life force energy) where new thought forms are being placed. With a mudra we express with our body what our intention is in our heart. The mudra is performed as follows:

Use right hand for women and left hand for men.* Hold hand palm down. Curl middle and ring finders under by holding with the thumb. The index and little finger are pointing out. Flick the middle and ring fingers out, then return to be held by the thumb. Repeat this ousting mudra (hand movement) nine times while the mantra is being said.

*Note: For certain transcendental cures, the use of the right/left hand for women/men may be switched to enhance the power of the cure.

Auspicious Days

Chinese astrology specifies auspicious days to perform secret cures and make certain adjustments like placing a bed or stove. Please refer to a Chinese Almanac.

Preparing to Perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement

Preparation for doing feng shui secret cures is of vital importance. We want to be calm, centered, and free of external distractions or anxieties so we can clearly focus attention on our creative intention for our desired results. Grandmaster Lin Yun suggests we perform the following Heart-Calming Mantra before we invoke the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

Please note: As with any of the Black Sect rituals and ceremonies, Grandmaster Lin Yun encourages us to adapt these ceremonies to honor our own personal source of spiritual inspiration. He encourages us to substitute our own source of spiritual mantras, mudras, or sacred words and prayers for those from the Tibetan Black Sect Buddhist traditions.

Heart Calming Mantra

This meditation is to be used before doing secret cures and clearings to calm the mind, and thereby, calming the heart. It may also be used at any time to calm oneself in times of stress, confusion or distress.

Loosely translated it means: "For our prayers, wishes, or intentions to be heard and granted quickly." The literal translation is: "Beyond, Beyond the Great Beyond, Beyond that Beyond, to Thee Homage."

Generate the intention that your heart and mind are becoming calmer and will become perfectly calm as you chant the mantra.

Stand in a balanced and comfortable position, feet shoulder width apart, although it may be performed sitting if necessary. Gently close your eyes. Begin and end by taking a breath in through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth.

Step 1: Form the Heart Calming Mudra (hand position) by placing the left hand on top of the right, palms facing up, and thumbs held up above and touching each other. Hands are held in front of your heart or solar plexus, as if you are cradling your heart chakra.

Step 2: Visualize your mind becoming very calm and quiet, like a perfectly still ocean on a very calm, clear morning. Or, you may visualize that you are in front of a Buddha (or your own source of spiritual inspiration) bathed in Buddha's light.

Step 3: Chant the following Heart Calming Mantra (or a prayer from your own spiritual tradition) nine times:

Gat'e, Gat'e
Para Gat'e
Para Sum Gat'e
Bodhi Swaha

Feng Shui Blessings, Clearings, and Personal Chi Adjustment Methods

There are many transcendental ceremonies and rituals that incorporate the Three Secrets and the Heart Calming Mantra to improve and resolve many life situations such as the ones listed below.

Receiving this knowledge orally as a direct chi transmission through the lineage from master to student has the strongest energetic effect, but this knowledge is now also available in written form in many books written from the Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui perspective. If the book honors Professor (Grandmaster) Lin Yun or Lin Yun Rinpoche, it should be authentic information.

Over time, or in different publications, there may be variations in the procedures. This is because sometimes the cures change as new knowledge comes to light.

Do what feels right in your heart. Grandmaster Lin Yun says that our heartfelt sincerity is the most important factor in applying cures, not the pronunciation of the words or following the rituals to a T. Just do your best, focused on your heart-centered desires, and release as best you can your anxiety about doing it just perfectly. Repeated practice generally helps you feel more at ease if these rituals are new to you.

Some Situations That Benefit From Transcendental Cures:

Clearing detrimental, stagnant, or depleting energies and ghosts from a building or place

Consecrating or blessing a building, event, person, or place

Strengthening or balancing personal chi

Attracting good fortune

Overcoming bad luck from robbery, fire, bankruptcy, business failure, divorce, illness, or death, etc.

Buying, selling, or moving into a new home

Renovating or building a home

Removing or trimming a tree

Resolving relationship problems

Enhancing creativity and communications

Attracting and enhancing a marriage or partnership

Grand openings, marriage ceremonies, and special events

Conceiving a child and resolving childhood issues

Increasing health, happiness, and prosperity, or overcoming issues in these areas

Assuring safe and comfortable travel

Gaining fame and recognition

Clearing and blessing cars, boats, and travel trailers, etc.

Attracting customers and increasing business and productivity


Feng Shui Guidelines and The Red Envelope Tradition

There are three guidelines to follow when sharing information about feng shui:

1: The person must ask for the information.

2: The person must be sincere in his/her request.

3: The person who requests the information (by direct oral communication) must give the teacher red envelopes.

Before a feng shui practitioner imparts any cures or wisdom, one or more red envelopes with some money inside each one, must be presented to the teacher. This "lucky red envelope" tradition is also used on special Chinese occasions, such as weddings or the Chinese New Year.

In practicing feng shui, the red envelope tradition increases the effectiveness of the information being shared. It also shows respect for this sacred work, and protects the teacher from having his or her chi, or life force energy, weakened when giving the secrets of this orally transmitted art and sharing the secrets of heaven.

There are several levels involved in this ritual of exchanging red envelopes. First, it shows your sincerity and respect. Additionally, by taking the time and trouble to locate or make red envelopes, your mind becomes open to the possibilities that the adjustments and cures will help you.

If the information requested is being shared by telephone, the envelopes must be given first. The envelopes should be new and not reused afterwards for any other secret methods. They can, however, be used for other purposes, such as to give a bride a gift.

The number of envelopes is determined by the importance of the cure or the information that is received. For each cure, there should be 1, 3, 9, 27, 99 or 108 red envelopes. Each envelope should have some money inside. Numbers have a specific chi resonance and are symbolic as follows:

One (1) signifies the beginning, the birth, and is very auspicious.

Three (3) signifies the connection between heaven, earth, and man.

Nine (9) indicates fullness and is the most complete and auspicious of all single numbers. It is the most yang number.

Twenty seven (27) combines the chi of three and nine.

Ninety-nine (99) contains two nines.

One hundred eight (108) is the most powerful and protective of the numbers as it contains three nines: 99 plus 9.

When a teacher receives red envelopes, he or she will use the Three Secrets Reinforcement, visualizing that the person making the request will get the full benefit of the information shared. The teacher then places them under his or her pillow and sleeps on them overnight before opening the envelopes and spending the money. This increases the effectiveness of the information being shared.

"Each transcendental solution is priceless!" —Master Lin Yun

Please honor the tradition of the red envelopes when sharing this information.

From the perspective of Tibetan Tantric Black Sect Feng Shui and the teachings of Grand Master Lin Yun.

Lois Jean Lang

Lois Lang has been teaching Tibetan Tantric Black Sect Buddhism Feng Shui since 1996 following 20 years as a broker selling new homes. Lois has studied with several internationally known Feng Shui Masters since her introduction to feng shui in 1991. She is an initiated disciple of H. H. Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun Rinpoche. Her passion for feng shui stems from her love of nature and the life-changing benefits she and many of her clients have experienced from feng shui.

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