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In the past forty years in-depth research by scientists, historians and a growing number of biblical investigators have unearthed the most astounding discoveries; important finds which are presently changing the deepest roots of the conventional tenets of western religion and philosophical thought; a shift in the story!
We enter a new century with a sense of awe and shock at these discoveries while, on the other hand, are grateful that they give us profound knowledge of our history as it was and not as men rewrote it to reflect their specific theological and political agendas.
Ahmed Osman is a historian and the author of numerous books on biblical history, focusing on the late Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. His works and discoveries have opened doors that were shut by convention; requiring scholars and theologians to redefine the very roots of their beliefs.
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Historian and noted author Ahmed Osman, whose research and writing on the Amarna Dynasty is acclaimed around the world, guides us through an unfolding revision of western religious history that is prompted by a deluge of scientific discoveries. He introduces a new understanding of the biblical stories at the roots of western religion that redefines the very precepts of western theology.

Articles Include:

The Exodus in Egyptian Sources
Ten Commandments and
the Book of The Dead

Tutankhamun/Military Coup
Transfiguration on Sinai
Tutankhamun/The Trinity of Christ
Christian Roots in the Cult of Serapis

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We look forward to discussing how this new knowledge merges with your picture of reality and your belief system. Embracing changes through dialog, we will understand the forces that shaped our lives.

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