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Charles Pope on  

"Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt"

by Ahmed Osman

It has been said that Moses is a figure of myth that was lost to history, and that Akhenaten is a man of history who strangely does not figure in myth. It is largely due to Ahmed Osman that many people now consider the link between the so-called heretic king Akhenaten and Biblical Moses to be self-evident. The increasing popularity of his work has now provoked the jealous rage of institutional scholars as shamefully evidenced in the March 2002 issue of Archaeology Magazine. Sadly, the pioneering work "Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt" by Ahmed Osman has been out of print and difficult to acquire for many years. But no longer. Under this new title you can read for yourself the arguments that have launched a revolution in the way we think about the ancient world and the Scriptures.