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"Out of Egypt"

by Ahmed Osman

Reviewed by Robert G. Bauval

Bucks, UK

Moses and Akhenaten is a 'must read' book for all readers who are interested in the historical background of the Bible. Osman writes with authority and sensitivity on the enigmatic characters of Moses and Akhenaten and this formative epoch of monotheism. As usual, he cuts through the thick veil of religious myths and takes us out of the confusion by fitting Moses/Akhenaten into the correct historical context. And when he does this, Lo and Behold, a whole new picture begins to emerge, clear, lucid and which has that distinct ring of truth. This is a book that will thrill the seasoned amateur of historical whodunnits as well as all newcomers into this exciting field of study.

Robert G. Bauval Author of THE ORION MYSTERY and MESSAGE OF THE SPHINX (with Graham Hancock)