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Creativity: The echoing song of the soul in metamorphosis

he paintings exhibited in the gallery were created at various points during a vision quest of many years. They are vivid tapestries of the subtle, and sometimes, dramatic shifts of awareness gleaned from threshold passages on journeys into the dreamtime of the many cultures that have been my home.

They encompass the richness of history, the depth of mythology, the power of ceremony, the gifts of experience and the wonder of trust.

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The visionary paintings and pen and ink drawings shown in the gallery have been rarely exhibited. Nonetheless many of these renditions are in collections in the US and abroad. As our Internet community grows I'll look forward to exhibiting the works of other Visionary and Inspirational artists and exploring on-line music and poetry. Enjoy your gallery tour; and introduce our web magazine to friends.     For information contact:  dwij@dwij.org
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