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In mid-October of 1969 Roger Nathan, friends, and I put the final touches on the Ikenga MK lll at Radford's and loaded it on a trailer bound for France, stopping at B.B.C. T.V. in Shepherd's Bush for a Tomorrow's World televised feature. The next day, at the port of Dover, I bid farewell to my assistant John Quinn and boarded the channel ferry, headed for a first exhibit in Paris and a rare opportunity to drive the Ikenga MK III in city traffic.

The 1969 Italian Motor Show in Turin, Italy followed Paris. The Ikenga MK lll was one of the highly publicized surprises of the motorshow and the most acclaimed British automobile exhibited. The Ikenga MK III featured an innovative accident warning system as well as ultra-sound proximity sensors for parking. Bill Strutton arrived from London to assist me at the exhibit and many potential business connections were made. At the end of the convention Bill and I drove across the Alps for rest and recoup at La Colombe d'Or in St. Paul de Vance France, where Madame Roux's warm smile and welcome was a blessing after many intense months of change, construction, and completion. Charles Williams would be honored and proud of our success!

At the end of March 1970 our 170 mph sculpture on wheels was air shipped to Stockholm from Nice, France as the featured attraction at the Swedish International Motor Show, produced by Pico Troberg. Members of our design team flew in from London for the motor show which was a last memorable gathering of our clan before another chapter in the story of Ikenga began to unfold.

Ikenga MK lll   1969

In Gratitude To: Mr. Bill Lundt-Smith of Radford's, Ltd. and
Gary Williams (Charlie's assistant who completed the project)

*Designers note: For over ten years, following its return to England from storage in St. Paul DuVance France, the whereabouts of the Ikenga MK III was unknown. The vehicle was rediscovered in the 1980's when featured in British motorcar publications as a highly valued collectors vehicle. The Ikenga MK III eventually became a feature of England's Manx Motor Museum and the designer had a first opportunity to again see his creation in 1998 at Bonhams vintage/clasic car auction in London. The last record of the Ikenga MK III is its purchase in 2008 by a London art gallery for an automobile collector on the Arabian Peninsula.
Rare BBC footage of the 1969 Ikenga MK III