Ikenga Automobile
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Ikenga is the name given to three significant design projects by David Gittens/dwij: the 1967-69 Ikenga motorcars, 1977 Ikenga Catamaran, and the 1986-92 Ikenga Autogyro aircraft.  The name Ikenga, a figure/mask in the Ibo culture and mythology of eastern Nigeria, symbolizes man's creative life force; "the personal shrine of man's right hand." It is a symbol of justice and equity in a communal and social context, and a reminder of one's sacred obligation to honor those we cross paths with on the journey through life. Ikenga GT automobiles were designed as contemporary Ikenga masks on wheels facing skyward to Spirit.

For David, on staff with Car & Driver from 1958 to 1964, the most challenging aspect of these projects was ingesting the information required to manifest his dream/vision while having no prior technical or engineering training. However, libraries were great resources and a heartfelt gift was collaborating with men and women - friends and strangers on the path - who shared their talents, knowledge and financial backing. Automobile, boat, and aircraft prototypes required a creative focus of six months to a year from ideation to completion; beautiful scores expressing a vision that, to the designer, remains "Future Linked."  Click the Image Above to Continue.