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A Few Additional Design Projects:
Designsdesign and invention
The most endearing and heartfelt experiences were traveling to different parts of the world and applying my creativity towards problem solving at a local level: A school project in a Mayan village in Yucatan, Mexico; A mural at a corporate headqurters in Paris; Design concept of a magazine in the Bahamas; A photo shoot in Djerba, Tunisia or debuting a new aircraft in Akigawa, Japan. The terrestrial journey continues to be fruitful!

Pictured on the left: A kinetic sculpture mural for the Santa Fe Children's Museum; Playground design for the Mendocino Whale School; Jewelry design as a wonderful play; Fun furniture design delighted thousands of kids; A UNICEF-funded solar-heated shower system in a Guatemalan Indian village created wonder and intrigue; Zip - a miniature vehicle for inner urban transportation
was fast and compact; And the Ikenga 23-foot catamaran, prototype for a kit-assembled houseboat, was designed while living on the Big River in Northern California. Creativity is an awesome cross-cultural langauge and a wonderful passport for international travel!
What is most exciting about the creative process is seeing and experiencing the works of other creators. Visit the "On The Edge" segment of our Internet publication and meet some folks whose innovations are on the cutting edge. Click at center of the vortex above for direct access to this area.