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Ikenga Cygnus 21P/2 - 1990

Commission by:
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc. Japan

The production concept/plans for the Sumitomo autogiros featured a drop keel design with all composite triple tail empennage and integral fuel tanks. Due to sports flying regulations in Japan this Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc. project did not proceed.

Ikenga Cygnus 21/P2  G-WIZ installation photos:

1 - Ikenga Cygnus 21P/2 prepared for installation.

2 - Ikenga Cygnus 21/P2 installed - from 1st floor.

3 - Ikenga Cygnus 21P/2 installed - from 2nd.

4 - Link/offered to museums and aircraft collectors.


The Ikenga Cygnus 21P/2 is the second of two autogiro aircraft commissioned by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Inc. This P/2 aircraft is sister ship to the Cygnus 21P/1, both of which were developed in Santa Fe, NM as kit built recreational aircraft. The P/1 autogiro was shipped to Asia for debute at the Sky Sports Japan Airshow in November 1989, held at the Honda Airport in Ikegawa, Japan. The P/1 was assembled prior to the airshow at Sumitomo Heavy Industries Yokohma facility by Richard Bentley, David Gittens, and Sumitomo staff.

Sumitomo Industries outbid the Mitsui Group in commissioning an Ikenga autogiro to represent their company at Japan's first sports recreation airshow. A goal of the project was to determine the feasibility and marketability of a kit-built SHI/Ikenga autogiro in Japan and also to explor the potential for a recreational airpark on Sumitomo property.

Both Ikenga Cygnus 21/P models are powered by 95 horsepower Suzuki 530 two-stroke water-cooled motors and fly twenty-three foot diameter rotors. The five-gallon seat tank, joy stick control system, and rotor heads were fabricated by Ken Brock manufacturing. This fully instrumented tall tail design also featured a horizontal stabilizer on the thrust line for increased stability in pitch, disc brakes on the main wheels for ground steering control, and three-blade ground adjustable propellers designed by Precision Propellers.

The Ikenga Cygnus 21P2 is a feature of G-WIZ Science and Technology Museum in Sarasota, Florida for almost a decade.