There's lots of questions and lots of answers from many folks mirroring a wide range of experiences, cultures, beliefs and ideologies; each efforting to make heartfelt, EARTH-CHANGING sense out of the mind's play in the guise of a deconditioned seed becoming a projection of self - or billions of seeds merged into the oneness of an infinite yawn in a parsec of this terrestrial journey . . .  AND SENSE, IN HEART, WE'LL MAKE TO THOSE ATTUNED.

Ahmed Osman - Roots of Western Theology
Charles Pope - DNA & Genesis
Chet Snow - Mass Dreams of the Future
Diana Daffner - Tantra Tai Chi

Daniel Haley - On America's Health Care
Don Conreaux - Sacred Gong Master
E. Brem Evens - Cycles in Attunement
Ed Kennedy - Medicine Wheel
Greg Crowe - A New Economics
Kia Woods - Music from Infancy
Layne Redmond - Chanting the Chakras
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Linda Gabriel - Etain on Personal Growth
Linda Moulton-Howe - Future Destinies

Marguerite Rose Chabau - Ethics in Politics
Marilyn Youngbird - Native American Lore
Marlene Resnick - On Parenting

Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D. - Celtic Magic

Page Bryant - Sacred Stewardship
Rick Doblin, Ph.D. - Legislating Psychedelics
Stanislav Grof, MD - The Secret Chief
Steve Olweean - International Mediators
Victor LaCerva, MD - Pathways to Peace

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