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www.dwij.org - Links to Participating Writers, Artists and Innovators
Ahmad Hijazi - Working While Arab

Ahmed Osman - Egypt: New Changes in Biblical History

Alexander Badkhen - Innovation in Russian Psychology

Agim Hushi - Opera's Upcoming Australian Based Tenor

Ann Johnston, MA - Enlightened Justice

Annette Lowman - The Jazz Singer

Barbara Marx Hubbard - Seeing Future Potential

Bill Joy - Forfeiting the Future

Bob Killian - Aquarian Quest Project

Brock Tully - KindActs

Casey Blood - Physics/Spirituality/Mystical Future

Charles N. Pope - Double Helix of DNA and Genesis

Chet B. Snow, Ph.D. - Mass Dreams of the Future

Chime - New Age Instrumental Group

Cybele - Sufi inspired Musician / Sarangi

Daniel Haley - Manipulation of American Medicine

David Gittens - Publishers Gallery

David Gittens - The Ikenga Autogiro Story

David Spangler - Standing at the Feet of Mars

Davis Hare - Playwright / Eight on Iraq

Debashish Bhattacharya: Indian Slide Guitar Master

Denis Halliday - UN - Eight on Iraq

Diana & Richard Daffner - Tantra Tai Chi

Don Conreaux - Tibetan Singing Bell Bronze Bowls

Don Wilkinson - Inexpensive Emergency Domes

Dragonfly - Rhythms of the Didgeridoo

Dwij - "Only Hearts" Art/Peace Project

Dwij - Musician, 22 String Guitar

E. Brem Evens - Convergence: Cycles in Attunement

E. Brem Evens - The Emergence

Edwin Morgan - Poet / Eight on Iraq

Ed WindDancer: Native Traditional Dancer

Elaine Silver - Fol k Music Queen

Elena Paul Esq. - Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Eleonora Lvov - Piano Virtuoso

FiFi & Bob Killian: Puppetrix

Fred Kennedy - Native American Medicine Wheel

General Lee Butler - Death By Deterrence

Gregory Antyuhin - The Medical Intuitive

Guillermo Miranda - Extrajudicial Coinciliation

Harmony: Yoga Flow

Hermann Scheer, Ph. D. - Towards a Solar Economy

Jacquie Riker - The Art of Becoming

Janese Swanson, Ph.D. - Technology Tools for Girls

Jay Whitham - Relationships in the 21st Century

Jeremy Rifkin - Can We Survive in Todays Economics

Joe Berger - Writer'Critic / Eight on Iraq

Joe Jacobson - Aquarian Quest Project

John le Carré - Eight on Iraq

Justin Spring - SoulSpeak - Poetry by "At-Rsk" kids

Keith Coker - Flutist

Kia Woods - Creativity from Infancy

Jeff Lantz - Composer and pianist

Laraaji Nadananda - Muscian: Hammer Dulcimer

Laura Smith-Louisell - Global Children

Layne Redmond - Chanting the Chakras

Linda Maree - Etain: Empowered Change

Linda Maree: The Case for Biodiversity

Linda Moulton-Howe - Future Destinies

Linda Moulton-Howe - Ancient Voices

Lois Jean Lang - Visionary Feng Shui

Maya Angelou - A Brave and Startling Truth

Margret Rueffler, Ph.D. - Psychology of Nations

Margret Rueffler, Ph.D. - Psycho Political Peace Institute

Marguerite Barnette, M.D. - AIDS to Resolution

Marguerite Barnette, M.D. - Dance of the Golden Deer

Marguerite Rose Chabau, Ph. D. - A Paradox in Vision

Marilyn Youngbird - Healing and Native American Ritual

Mark Chalom - Passive Solar Architecture

Mark Libowitz - Family Harmony International

Marlene Resnick, MA - Crisis of the American Family

Marlene Resnick, MA - Effective Parenting

Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D. - Druid Magic

Michael Manville - The Gathering Storm

Myron Eshowsky - Shamanism and Peacemaking

Nadine Marshall - KindActs

Nan Elsasser - Working Classrom Project

Nigel Hamilton - Spirituality in Conflict Resolution

Nina Burwell - Yes You Can

Page Bryant - Sacred Drama of Ritual and Ceremony

Paul MacCready - Human/Solar Powered Flight

Pervez Hoodbhoy - Physicist / Eight on Iraq

Peter O'Rourke - Aromatherapy and Ritual

Peter Seyffert - Aquarian Quest Project

Philip Emeagwali, Ph.D. - Mathematical Trailblazer

Pushpita Saha - Classical Bharatanatyam Dance

Rick Doblin, Ph.D. - Psychedelic's in Healing

Rick Hartman - Toymaking Workshop

Rob Brady - Design - Vectrix Electric Scooter

Robert Levine - Crystal Stix

Roger Scruton - Philosopher / Eight on Iraq

Rosemary Phelan - Canadian Folk Singer

Sally Fox - Engineering Naturally Colored Cottons

Salman Rushdie - Eight on Iraq

Sarasota Senior Theater

Scylla Liscomb - SoulSpeak - Poetry by "At Risk" kids

Sharon Press - Expanding the Potential of Mediation

Sharif Abdullah - Society Without Dreams

Simon Kernow - Overview of "Operation Cure All"

Stanislav Grof, MD - Psychotropics in Research

Steve Olweean - Global Perspective on Conflict Resolution

Susan Sontag - Real Battles/Empty metaphores

TchiHawae - Storey Telling & Improvisation

Therese Schroeder -Sheker - Chalice of Repose

Tina Steele - Alternative & Conventional Health Care

Urban Bush Women - Dance and Performance

Victor La Cerva, M.D. - Pathways to Peace

Victoria Angela - Performance Artist

Wendy Nethersole - Relationships in the 21st Century

Zan Benham - Overview of Ritual and Ceremony